How To Pick The Perfect Sized Soy Candle & Get The Most Out Of It In Your Space

In order to choose the right size soy candle for your space, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

First, determine where exactly you will be burning the candle and how strong you want the fragrance to be.  For example, a smaller 8 ounce tin may be great for a bathroom or small home office whereas a three wick 22 ounce glass tumbler may be too overpowering (depending on your sensitivity to smell).  The size of your space will be an important factor as to how well the hot throw of your soy candle will be.  Hot throw is the term used to describe the fragrance the candle puts out or “throws” while the candle is burning.  Great hot throw can vary from candle to candle and is dependent on things such as the type of wax used, wick size, and fragrance oil load.  Paraffin-based candles generally have a better scent throw than soy, but they tend to not burn as clean, are petroleum-derived, and can give off fumes that are known to be carcinogenic whereas soy and other vegetable-based waxes are derived from all-natural ingredients and come from renewable sources.  It is important to note that paraffin wax is a widely used wax in most well-known candle companies. The use of paraffin wax in candles is a hot topic and there is debate over the potential harmful effects.

Next, when burning your candle for the first time, you first want to ensure the wick is about 1/4” long. When you light the candle, it is recommended that you burn it for at least a couple hours in order to get a good wax pool but do not keep it burning for more than 4 hours.  During this time, you should see a wax pool around the wick of your candle that goes out to the side edges, or full diameter of the candle. However, if your candle does not achieve a full melt pool but is relatively close, this is also fine as a full melt pool can likely be achieved during subsequent burn cycles.

Small to medium-sized single wick candles with a net weight of 10 ounces or less can be better suited for bathrooms, bedrooms, and smaller enclosed areas.  Double and triple wick candles, or single wick candles larger than 10 ounces net weight can fill up multiple rooms and hallways and fragrance an entire house provided that the correct wick size and fragrance load has been utilized in the candle.  Wicks that are either too small or too big for the candle containers diameter will cause the candle to either tunnel or burn too fast, respectively.  Also, if the wick is too large for the candle diameter, the fuel from the flame will burn through the fragrance oil causing the wick to become mushroomed and the fragrance to be diminished.                                   
Taking these tips into consideration when choosing which size candle to purchase can not only save you time and money but can also help you to make an informed decision and prevent you from being disappointed with your candle purchase in the end.

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