Our Mission

We are a family owned and operated micro business in Wexford, Pa.  Our founder, Karen, is a passionate maker and diy’er of most things crafty.  From knitting to sewing to candle-making, she truly loves to make things with her hands.  In 2015, she made her very first batch of soy candles and presented them to her family as Christmas gifts that year.  Fast forward to now, her desire is to connect her customers with scents that remind them of the memories they treasure.

“Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

We value our customers and use only premium ingredients in our 100% all natural soy and coconut soy blend candles and home fragrance options. Our soy and coconut soy blend waxes are grown in the US by US farmers, our wicks are cotton core and lead-free, and our fragrances are phthalate-free. Each small batch is lovingly hand-crafted. Producing in small batches allows us to ensure we are providing you with the best quality in each of our products.

Along with our candles, we also offer an array of home fragrance options that include wax melts, linen sprays, diffusers, and fragrance oils.

Thank you for your support!

-The Bachman’s